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About membership

You can see Self-learning materials such as grammar PDF, some quizzes and also download Podcast transcription PDF and audio.
It’s 100% free to become a member!
Yes, of course! If you have a membership, you can message me from “message” on the page “User”. If you don’t have membership, you can message me from contact.
You can create a thread from “New Tread” button. Type “Satomi.KK” to send me a message. Everyone can see other member’s name but nobody can send to other members. Only between me and members. You can create new thread as many as you want, so type whatever you want to talk about as a subject, and send me a message!

About Self-study

If you want to see PDFs, you have to sign up for membership (free). If you already have an account, log in and go to “Self-study PDF“.
Yes, you can! You can download, print them out and study! If you find any mistakes including English, let me know! I have to fix them.:)
No, there is no answer sheets. But if you want me to check your answers, contact me! I can check your answers on PDFs and send you back, for free. But I can not check on other things such as textbooks or materials that another person made, unless you’re taking lessons with me.

About Podcast Transcription page

On the transcription page, there are some hidden features. Go to “How to use the transcription page” and learn how to use it.
Yes, you can! If it doesn’t work, contact me!
Yes, you can! Also, there is another option. You can become a member and go to Self-study page. You’ll find “Podcast transcription audio” and can download them!